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Komikon 2008

Alright, here's part two to the angst a while ago.

As usual, I have work on Saturdays that it doesn't kill me anymore. I went off to UP to go to the Komikon, which I have been failing to attend for the past three years no thanks to me and all my reasons. XP Anyway, It wasn't as crowded as I expected, which meant majority of the expected attendees were way over at Tiendesitas which once again dated their con at the same time as another event. I made my way through the booths dedicated to the legend Larry Alcala, Pugad Baby artist Pol Medina Jr. was there and the much awaited C3com
reunion! Here's to Kuya Ilog's balde head and all the laughs from before.

I came across Arnold Arre's new graphic novel Martial Law Babies (See here) and had to go to the nearest ATM to get money for it. By the time I came back the place was packed. I found ushuaia at the Arre booth and bought it. We then searched for Viktor who was also in the area.

I cam across sakurabaka, faulien and jamie in the con. It was a surprise though. Was gonna catch up with things but a lady with the 9/11 volume 2 comic past me and I had to know where she bought it. After getting the info. I went to the shop and basically demanded that they bring it out.

Situation 1:
Me: ate, pabili ng 9/11
*ate goes and asks boss if they had*
boss: ay, kakabili lang.
Me: T_T

Viktor got *muffled laughter and squealing* Kikomachine signed books for Vica and we decided to chill at Choco kiss for the time being. We enjoyed nomming on the Suitte (away with the memories!) and poking fun at the honey that went with Viktor's tea. dark_profanity texted that they were there so we paid our bill (tere suggested that we run) and went down to the chaos. She was there with Big john and Bart.

The place was still packed so we decided to chill at the new cafe in the same building. They were on soft opening so we could make the noise and not be booted out yet. We had fun poking at the food and planning hostile takeovers and discussing bart's wedding. I wanted to just sit there but peeps had to go.

We walked to the corner and saw Kang heading to the convention. I spotted flickering lights coming from the Carillion and hence the ghost story began.

I was supposed to take a cab home but a Pantranco jeep came by.

It was fun, if it weren't for my colds.

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